Calculate pip values, margin requirements, and convert currency prices in your account

Our forex calculators are built specifically for forex traders who are interested to go more in depth before opening their next trade. Choose from a wide variety of calculators to calculate the margin requirements or to calculate the pip value to ensure a spot-on risk management strategy.

Currency Converter

Margin Calculator

Calculate the minimum funds you need in your account to open your next position

How to use the margin calculator

  1. Choose the base currency of your account

  2. Select the instrument you want to trade

  3. Choose the account leverage that applies to you

  4. Choose the lot size of your next trade

  5. The funds required for your trade are automatically calculated

Pip Calculator

For beginner and advanced forex traders who are working on their risk management skills.

Swaps Calculator

Calculate the rollover fee or debit for your open positions.

How to use the Calculator:

  1. Select your account base currency

  2. Choose the instrument you want to trade

  3. Enter your account type

  4. Type in the size of your trade in lots

  5. Your Swap rates are calculated automatically

Profit & Loss Calculator

Calculate how much you could lose or gain if your stop-loss or take-profit values have been triggered.