Stay up to date with day-to-day global developments

The global markets can be influenced by political and socioeconomic factors. A forex economic calendar can be useful as it allows traders to understand more about the upcoming major news announcement.

Learn more about economic information scheduled to be released
Manage risk more effectively
Learn more about each event that poses an interest for your trading strategy

Our M4Markets economic calendar allows you to make informed decisions before your next trade, and it also allows you to effectively manage risk in your current trades.

It is a quick summary of all major events that could impact the markets
The calendar is colour coded so events of high importance are marked in red, events of medium importance are marked in yellow, low importance events are marked in grey and holidays in white
Offers historical data and offers the ability to quickly jump to future dates to see upcoming events
Some events will only affect local currencies, while other events, for example the release of the NFP, tend to have a more global impact